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Unix Server Tech Knowledge Base

The Unix Server Tech Knowledge Base is an offering of Daily Data, Inc. Daily Data is a provider of Unix, Apple and Windows services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas (USA).

While we say “Unix” Server Tech, we also include information for Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and, of course Linux (OSX and Linux are two of the more widely known versions of Unix).

Content this site is created by Daily Data technicians, and is mainly for our internal notes, but we hope that some of it may be useful for others. Feel free to use the information provided, and if you find something that should be changed, contact us at our Contact Us Page (just use the General category).

NOTE: For some of our basic applications, and for some extended articles, see

This Knowledge Base is broken down into the following, broad categories:

Contact Authors

Feedback, feedback, feedback. If you see errors, want to suggest some enhancments, whatever, fill out our Contact Form. We're always happy to hear about problems and solutions.

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