Zabbix fails to run unless log directory exists

Zabbix will not start unless the log directory exists. There are situations where this directory may not exist (see bottom). If this is the case, modify /etc/init.d/zabbix_agent by adding the following near the top.

if test ! -d "$LOG"; then
  mkdir "$LOG"
 chown -R zabbix:zabbix "$LOG"   

Zabbix will now correctly create the directory if it does not exist

Why would the directory not be there?

There are probably a few different reasons. Maybe an overzealous cleanup, disk corruption, several things. However, they way I found it was after following the article Boot Linux from USB Pendrive.

Following those instructions, you build the skeleton of /var/log, then use that as a basis for an in-memory partition where your log files are stored (to cut down on writes to a thumbdrive). If Zabbix is installed after this setup is created, the next reboot will copy from the old layout and a log directory will not exist.


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