Get rid of Windows 10 upgrade nag popups

The Windows 10 nag popups to upgrade your Windows 7/8 installation is pretty freakin' ridiculous. Those of us aware of the security problems with the upgrade, plus the fact that a lot of hardware appears to be unable to support it, means we really don't want to see it anymore.

I did some research and found a couple of scripts that I combined in the attached batch file. It needs to be run as administrator, so look at it closely and make sure you want to use it, but we have used it on several machines to great effect.

NOTE: This gets rid of the nagging until Microsoft decides to add another fake package disguised as an operating system update. However, if the nagware comes back, try running it again. Me, personally, I just set it permenantly "Run as Administrator" and put it in my Startup folder. That is what it's there for, right?

None of this is original to me; I just grabbed other peoples stuff and put it out here. Sorry, I don't remember where I got it from.

Oh, use at your own risk. If it somehow eats your hard drive, all you'll get from me is a "sorry" and I'll post what happened here.

Attached files: killwin10.bat

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2016-03-09 04:33
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