Get statistics on e-mail stored on system

It is sometimes hard to see where we have stale e-mail accounts, or accounts that are degrading the mail server by tons of files in one directory. I like to see what accounts have, so I wrote the attached Perl script to check each account and give me some basic usage information.

I installed mailstats in /etc/cron.weekly, so it runs at the same time my Clean spam from mail folder does(and, since cron runs alphabetic, mailstats runs after cleanspam). Thsi returns the following as a tab delimted list (inline) suitable for copy/paste into a spreadsheet.

It assumes e-mail accounts are stored as directories under some root directory, with a structure


and returns the client name, the account name, number of messages, total messages store (in kilobytes) and number of messages in the 'new' folder.

A large number of items in the New folder indicates an account that has not been checked recently, since any access to an account moves e-mail from new/ to cur/

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