Android Apps

This is just a list of some apps I found for the Android that I think are pretty good:

  • K-9 Mail K-9 Dog Walkers
  • ted (Text Editor), Xavier Grouchet
  • ES File Explorer File Manager, ES Mobile
  • Weather Underground
  • Barcode Scanner, ZXing Team
  • Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder, Markus Drosser
  • Connectbot, Kenny Root and Jeffrey Sharkey
  • FuelLog, Simon Morgenthaler
  • Light the Way, Pargon SD
  • Wifi Analyser, farproc
  • Android Terminal Emulator, Jack Palevich
  • PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC, Wyse Technology, Inc
  • GPS Status & Toolbox, MobiWIA - EclipSim
  • Cribbage Pro, Fuller Systems, Inc.
  • Android System Info, Electric Sheep
  • BBC News, BBC Worldwide (Ltd))
  • ES Task Manager, ES Mobile

These are some that are interesting, but I haven't installed yet

  • Titanium Backup Pro (get license)
  • Back up to an SCP site
    • Titanium Media Sync (
    • rsync backup for Android
  • Extreme Call Blocker (Stealth), Greythinker, $5.99
  • Call Control/Call Blocker, Kedlin Company, free -- This is not free. I did not install it simply because it says it is free, but it is actuall a trial with 3 uses, then you much purchase for $7.99 or something. I consider this sneaky, so I am going with Extreme Call Blocker who is up front about their charges.

These are pretty good, but I found I use them rarely

  • Sky Map, Sky Map Devs
  • Network Info II

Good web sites to create a shortcut to on your phone

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