Computer Asset Manager Program Documentation

Computer Asset Manager Program Documentation CAMP, the Computer Asset Manager Program, is an open source project managed by Daily Data, Inc.. The goal of CAMP is to provide a framework where information required about equipment can be stored.

The basic program simply tracks clients, sites, and devices, allowing various attributes about each to be stored. The framework is open, however, and modules add functionality where needed. The modules currently under development are:

  • Sysinfo - Integration with another Open Source project hosted at Daily Data that tracks systems information, similar to Munin, but requiring the client to send reports to the server, instead of the server initiating a report.
  • Maintenance - Track required and performed maintenance on equipment
  • Documentation - Allows storage of documents relating to a device, site or client
  • Backup - Integration with rsbackup, another project hosted at Daily Data. This module will track the reports generated by rsbackup.
  • Networking - Planned to set up an overview of a network instead of being oriented towards a single device.
  • Trouble Tickets

While there are many projects to track Computer Assets, the decision to build this was made because of limitations found in other systems. The ability to rapidly add modules, the dedication to documentation of the database structure and the API, were all decision points in this.


Computer Asset Manager Program Documentation

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